Lumary was co-founded in 2016 by Aaron Tovi and Anderson Duncan, two friends who share a passion for culture, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Aaron was doing branding and product development for personal care brands when he discovered an interest in fragrance and a hunger to make something tangible. That hunger was amplified by a growing sense that modern life is too fast, too disconnected, and too virtual. This led to the inception of a project that had a mission but lacked a product or an audience. At the same time, Anderson was building an expanding network of local Atlanta makers, which was fueling his own passion to build a product brand. Through a series of conversations the two realized that they were on the same path, and they knew it was time to team up. That’s when a light — both metaphorical and literal — was lit, and the two made their first product: a series of candles created for deep living.

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